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When we think about HR, at first we don’t see any relation to digitalization, right? So what does one have to do with the other? All! In this post, I am going to do a retrospective of the last 10 years on how it was the movement of large companies to enter digital once and for all, and it has been frantic. And how did it happen? Well, several factors have accelerated this movement, such as the birth of fintechs and startups that are already thriving financially and the expansion of technology in various social spheres. Listing a part of this set of conditions, we can also highlight:

  • the economy;
  • the growth in sales of smartphones and tablets;
  • the globalization of technology;

Among other precedent elements that justify the moment we are in today.
Within this change of mindset, the initial focus, in general, was to give more autonomy to customers through Digital Channels. For example, making the self-service available, reducing costs and increasing revenue. Since, from the moment that this customer makes use of the services and remains connected with his business, the focus is on the profitability of the portfolio. It was necessary to recap these items above to talk, in short, about the role of the Human Resources professional within the organizational structure of large companies. Perhaps, this is the main character in the process of Digital Transformation in companies.

HR changes in the current market
In a recent interview with Você RH magazine, Raquel Zagui, VP of Human Resources at Heineken Brasil, quoted an interesting phrase in the company’s cultural overhaul: “I asked us to be humble and take a step back. I stressed that, without this, our operation would not run ”Following this principle, below I listed insights that justify this thesis, separated into 3 main pillars:

  • Internal processes;
  • Organizational culture;
  • Profile mapping and contracting;

Next, we will go deeper into these prospects. Continue reading and enjoy!

In the wave of Digital Transformation, all areas of large companies, directly or indirectly, had to show greater fluidity in their internal services. And in the Human Resources sector it could not have been different.

Service scanning
Services previously performed manually, have become automated, through robust systems that do this job. Among some of these functions we can mention:

  • closing payrolls;
  • control of entry and exit of employees;
  • availability of benefits.

An example of this are some companies that already provide employees with applications for recording hours through their smartphones. So if you have ever used that yellowed leaf to “hit the spot”, I have very bad news … You are getting old just like me.

Online training platforms
Some platforms have been a great ally in the Welcome Kit for new hires. This refers to security processes, company values ​​and Compliance. At the same time, it manages to be a tool that keeps the active staff of employees updated. The figure of a lecturer for training has been used for topics of great complexity or that really need personal support. Anyway, online courses and distance learning are already a reality with no return.

HR has always played a fundamental role in structuring institutions. At the same time, it became the main resource that encouraged this process, as well as new sets of customs and achievements within the organizational culture of each society.

End of Dress Code
Another change, led especially by Startups, is the end of Dress Code. This change has also become visible in traditional companies in various segments. More than that, the end of this custom has become a differential in attractiveness for candidates in publicizing company opportunities. In addition, several taboos and paradigms are exempt, such as being able to display a tattoo, or being able to work in shorts. Anyway, people must be as they are, end of stereotype is the key!

Collaborative environments = Productivity
Changes in physical structures are perhaps the most complex to make but which have great benefits. The biggest example is the famous “café corner”. The hyper digitalization at a given moment in these years, ended up removing some personal relationships, and the coffee break became a great place to resume these working relationships. Just like giving and receiving feedback or clearing your head for a few minutes. Ah, according to a study by researchers from the Universities of Monash and Toronto, just thinking about coffee, can be enough to liven up the mind and make people more focused. Focus on Productivity!

New working methodologies
The migration of waterfall methodologies in agile such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, among others, has increased considerably in recent years. The process of changing the mindset in the projects of large companies is perhaps the most complex to be applied. The HR challenge in this specific case is to explain to the staff the change in methodology through training, recycling, support materials and so on … Literally, it is a little job, which in large companies the change of methodology takes time and effort.

Gender equalization in leadership positions
Increasingly discussed, the empowerment of women in the labor market has been defended in forums and events with great force. And here, HR’s work consists of reflecting on the staff, promotion processes and their distribution. In other words, look inside the house and understand if there is no direct or indirect favoring of genders. Compared to a few years ago, this reality is changing, but there is still much to discuss in order to arrive at an egalitarian model. #GRLPWR

Headhunters …

Where they live?

How do they survive?

How can they find you? They don’t sleep and are in full swing fishing brilliant minds for their projects and companies! They are usually the ones in charge of finding profiles for Key Position areas, or profiles with very specific skills like those of the leaders responsible for driving this transformation in companies. Executive Search Consultants, in general, are prepared to support companies in the process of attracting these brilliant minds that are still rare in the market.

Generation Y is reality!
And they will be your bosses very soon! Always connected, the new generation of professionals has new values ​​and lives fast, usually more immediate and are always looking for meaning in what they do. That old maxim of staying in the same company for many years is already almost a legend … From the cool UX to the technical software analyst, there is already a perception of a different mindset. In this case, the role of human resources is to mix different types of profiles (conservative and bold) and make opposites attract. It is not easy to mediate this “conflict of generations”, but to disagree in the right measure generates evolution and learning. In summary, even though the Digital Transformation is intensely today, HR continues to work (and a lot!) In search of equalization. In this sense, there is also the search for the different to compose multidisciplinary teams and technology to help accelerate digital, while bringing professionals together. Perhaps in the empowerment of HR is the necessary strength, the differential and the icing on the cake that can make you change levels! Enjoy and stay tuned in the next posts.

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